Agricultural Marketing and meaning of Marketing in very Easy Language

Hello Friends, Welcome again in our agricultural Blog Ecohill agri. In this Blog we can try to understand about meaning of Agricultural Marketing and meaning of Marketing and their concept in very simplest language.

Meaning of Market

The term “Market” is derived from a Latin word “Marcatus”, which means-

  1. Merchandise
  2. Trade
  3. A Place or region where business is conducted

Definition of Market Agricultural Market

Agricultural Marketing

There are some valuable definition of market is written below; read Carefully-

  • Market is an any type of Place or any type of Region, where a Person assemble for the sale or Purchase of commodities for satisfying human wants.
  • A Market is a place where two parties means Buyer and Seller can gather to facilitate the exchange of goods and services with the help of money and currency.
  • According to traditional economist; A Market is defined as any place or region where the seller of the particular goods and services can meet with the buyer of that goods and services where there is a potential for transaction to take place.
  • According to Modern economist; A Market is a social Institute which performs activities and provide facilities for exchanging commodities between buyers and sellers.


Buyer and Seller

  • Buyer = They buy goods, Services and commodities for their own wants.
  • Seller = They may sell their goods, commodities and services to Buyer.

Meaning of Marketing

  • Marketing deals with the identifying and meeting human and social needs.
  • Marketing as the performance of business activities that direct the flow of the goods and services from producers to users.

Meaning of Agricultural Marketing Agricultural Marketing

  • Agricultural Marketing system is a link between the farm and non farm sector.
  • Agricultural Marketing covers the services includes the movement of Agricultural Products from the farm to the consumer.

Agricultural Marketing’s services involves some Valuable points-

  1. Planning
  2. Organisation
  3. Direction
  4. Handling of Agricultural products
  5. Intermediary
  6. Consumer

Some Interconnected Activities are involved in Agricultural Marketing; such as-

  1. Planning Production
  2. Growing
  3. Harvesting
  4. Grading
  5. Packing
  6. Packaging
  7. Transport
  8. Storage
  9. Agricultural based food Processing
  10. Advertising
  11. Provision of Market
  12. Sale, etc.


Importance of Agricultural Marketing

General Importance of an agricultural market is = an agricultural marketing enhance economically development of our country, our, Farmers and an Indian Government.

Some Important points related to an Importance of Agricultural Marketing

  1. An Agricultural Marketing enhance the income of farm and field where farmers grow their crop.

  • A Good efficient Agriculture Marketing system promote the income of the farmer and reduce the number of middle man or third Party.
  • A Good efficient Agricultural Marketing system guarantees the Farmer to get better prices or better rates for their farm Products and other agricultural related commodities.
  • To Invest their surpluses to purchase modern techniques, so that their Production, Productivity and Yield may increases and their income may also increase.
  1. Export of Farm Products

  • A Good efficient Agriculture Marketing system helps farmers to export their products to foreign country; this may increases the income of the Farmers.
  1. Growth of Agricultural Based Industries and Factories

  • There are many Industries or factories just like sugar, Edible oil, Food Processing, cotton and clothes Factory or Industry, etc depends upon Raw materials that comes from agriculture.
  • And the growth of these type of Agro Based Industry only depends upon Agriculture Marketing System, Growth of Agro Based Industries or Agro Based Factories can not Possible (Impossible).
  1. Spread and Adoptation of New Technologies-

  • Agricultural Marketing system Plays an Important Role in spreading of new scientific technologies to different- different Farmers.
  • Suppose; Agriculture Marketing system does not occurs then Farmers can not know about new Farming technologies.
  • Marketing system also helps farmers to adopt new technologies.
  • New technologies require higher investment and Farmers would invest only when they assured market clearance at their Price.
  1. Agriculture Marketing system enhance Employment

  • Agriculture Marketing system reduces an unemployment, they provides employment to millions of person in various activities, such as – Sells men, Transporting, Processing, Packaging, Broker, trader, etc.
  1. Agricultural Marketing system also enhance National income

  • A good efficient Agricultural Marketing system helps to enhance or increase National income, National economy and National GDP of our country.
  • Many Farmers export their farm products to other foreign country, this may increase National economy of our country.



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