C. F. Marbut


C.F. Marbut             (1863-1935)

Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut was is full name. Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut was an University professor and a pioneer in Modern Soil science, Basically Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut was a soil Scientist. Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut was born on July 19, 1863 near verona, Lawrence County, Missouri. and died on 1935 in Harbin, china.

His contribution in soil classification, agriculture and Geography.

His Life

Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut’s father was a farmer. He grew up on his Family’s Farm in Barry county, Missouri. As a child Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut was curious about the world.

After finishing School, Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut attended professor NOAH LEE MAIDEN’s COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE in Missouri. At the age of 17, Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut began to teach school for $ 150 per semester.

After graduation, Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut was appointed to the Missouri state Geological survey as a field Geologist. On December 17, 1891 Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut married with Florence L. Martin who was his childhood friend. Further they had 5 children whose name was –

  1. Louise,
  2. Thomas,
  3. William,
  4. Helen, and
  5. Fredrick

In 1893, Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut enrolled at HARVARD UNIVERSITY. He completed his Master’s degree in Geology and began work on Ph.D but did not completed it. Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut later received his Honorary doctorate in 1916 from the UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI.

Change in Life

  • In 1909, Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut’s Life became change when his wife Florence L. Martin unexpectedly died because of double pneumonia.
  • so, Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut took a leave of absence from the University and joined at the Bureau of soil, United State department of Agriculture (USDA) as a post of Soil Scientist.
  • He would spent rest of his Life conducting Field work, delivering Guest lectures, Serving on committees, and attending confrences all over the world.

In the Bureau of Soil

          Marbut work on field

During his time with the Bureau of Soil, The work of Russian soil scientist K.D. Glinka inspired Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut to pursue new methods to conduct the field work. Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut experimented with a Russian Soil Sampling device that allowed the User to retrieve layers of soil in a single column.

After studying and analyzing Glinka’s soil field work, Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut realized that Russian soil science was more advanced. And he translated that methods of field work to United State and helped American Scientist. Perhaps Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut’s most important contribution to soil science was the development of soil group maps of United States.

Marbut’s Work

soil map by marbut
In 1902, Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut began his work on a soil classification scheme. In 1927 he published a translation of Glinka’s The Great Soil Groupa of World and their development from German to english. His classification sheme was modified and published in 1938 yearbook of Agriculture.

According to Dr. Curtis Fletcher Marbut, At the highest level of classification of soil were divided  into 2 sub-division. that is- (1).Pedocals and (2).Pedalfers.


Pedocals were used in drier climate and referred as Carbonate Rich Soil.

The Pedalfers began about at the Udic border and referred as the soils rich in Aluminium and Iron.

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