Importance of Vegetables in National economy and human diet

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Welcome again in my new Blog, Hope You all are Good. In this Blog, we discuss about the Importance of Vegetables. Before starting if you don’t read the Previous Blog about “THE INTRODUCTION OF VEGETABLE PRODUCTION”. Then you click here and read carefully-


In my Previous Blog, I discuss that we cultivate or grow Vegetables according to our different aim but we don’t know their uses, their Importance and benefits from vegetable. Why we grow vegetables in our Field??

Is there any benefit of vegetables to our Body? Is there any benefit of vegetables to our Country and National economy of our country? And how much benefits of Vegetables? In this Blog, we try to know the all benefits and Importance of Vegetables.

Introduction about importance of vegetables

In the Topic “IMPORTANCE OF VEGETABLE”, we cover two topics-

  1. Importance of vegetables in our National Economy means how vegetables and their Production provide more benefits to our Country’s National economy or GDP.
  2. Importance of vegetables in our Life, Human diet. means how vegetables and their Production also provide more benefits to our Life and Human diet.

In this Blog, we try to understand this topic with Point by Point, which may help you to learn easily, to write in exam easily and to remember easily.

Importance of vegetables in our National Economy-

  1. Vegetable Production plays an important role in Indian Agriculture and It makes a Foreign Exchange. I discuss in my previous Blog that Every year our country produces many tonnes of vegetables that cannot be consumed by us. So Big Farmers export their vegetables to foreign country with the help of Indian government. And It provides benefit to our Indian government, National economy and our Indian farmers also.
    Importance of vegetables as exporting
    vegetables as exporting


Vegetables are exporting from India to other foreign country, from it money come to our country from foreign country. Here exchanging of money and vegetables exist between India to other foreign country. Means vegetable production makes a foreign exchange.


  1. Vegetable production contributes approx. 20 to 25 per cent GDP from 11.73 per cent of its arable land.


Means our country India has total 52.62 per cent arable land (52.62 per cent land is suitable for farming or agriculture) out of them only vegetables are cultivated in 11.73 per cent land. This 11.73 per cent land’s vegetable contributes approx. 20 to 25 per cent of GDP.


  1. India is at second position in vegetable production sector in the world after China. Means china is at number one country in the world who produce large quantity of vegetables every year.

Our country India produces 15 per cent vegetables of whole world. On the other hand, China has less arable land than India but they produces higher yield of vegetables than India.


  1. Out of the Total vegetable produced, only one per cent vegetable is being utilised by processing Industry. By Inadequate preservation techniques and storage facilities, 25 per cent of produced vegetable be lost. By developing and improving Post Harvesting Techniques, we can ensure the availability of vegetables.


You are so surprising to hear that In Industry, 25% vegetables be lost. In Industry, the storage and preserving facilities are not so good. Their techniques do not suitable for saving vegetables or any crops for a long time.

But with the help of Post Harvesting techniques, we save or ensure that 25 per cent vegetables.


Post Harvesting Techniques-

In Post Harvesting techniques, the crops are harvesting after reach at matured stage. After harvesting, we should follow some process and practices that helps to save vegetables and other crops for a long time period.


Importance of vegetables in our Life and Human diet-

  1. Most vegetables are naturally low in fats and calories and have not cholesterol. So they are suitable for healthy Body. Means if we want to make our Body healthy then we should eat all types of foods which have low amount of fats as well as cholesterol. So we should eat all vegetables because they have very low amount of Fats and cholesterol.
  2. Second point is- Vegetables are the main source of Potassium. If we use the Potassium Rich diet as our diet then its importance is that Potassium Rich diet maintains our Blood Pressure.

If our Blood Pressure becomes high then it may cause the Heart Attack and also causes many types of Heart and Kidney diseases. If our Blood Pressure becomes low then it may cause weakness in our Body and also damage our heart and Brain. Some examples of Potassium rich vegetables are given below,

  • Sweet Potato
  • White Potato
  • Beans
  • Green Pea
  • Tomatoes
  • Soya bean
  • Spinach, and
  • Kidney Bean
  1. Vegetables are also the main source of Fibres. Fibres are the essential nutrients that are healthy for our diet. Fibres also maintain and control our blood Pressure like Potassium rich diet. Fibres also maintain the cholesterol level of our Body.

If our body contains right amount of Fibre then there is no any dangerous disease problems like heart and kidney disease attack. Fibres also increase the amount of calorie means energy in our Body.

  1. Approx. all vegetables are full of Folic acid means folate. Folic acid increase RBC means Red Blood Cell in our Body.
  2. Fifth point is- Many Vegetables are the main source of carbohydrate and various types of vitamins. Means there are many vegetables are full of Carbohydrate and vitamins. Mainly vegetables have Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Vitamin A makes healthy our Eyes and Skin of our Body and Safe us from types of Infections.

Vitamin C increase the amount of Fe means Iron in our Body and also fill up the cutting place of our body.

  1. Many vegetables are used as Medicinal Purposes means we use many vegetables as a  medicine which ends many diseases.
    Importance of Vegetables as a medicine
    Vegetables as a medicine

Such as- If there is a lack of Blood in our body and any disease problem related to Bloods, then we use Beetroot as a medicine. And If there is any Problem in our Eyes then we use carrot as a medicine.

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