Indian cow : Best solution for every Problem

Cows or Cattles are the mature female animals belongs to Kingdom ANIMALIA and Genus BOS.

Botanical Classification-

  • Kingdom = Animalia
  • Phylum = Chordata
  • Class = Mammalia
  • Order = Artichordactyla
  • Family = Bovidae
  • Sub-Family = Bovinae
  • Genus = BOS
  • Species = B. b. taurus
  • Sub-species = (1).Bos taurus indica & (2).Bos taurus taurus 
  • Botanical Name = Bos bos taurus 

Breeds of Cow

  1. Indigenous breeds
  2. Exotic breeds

1.Indigenous breeds= that breeds of cow which are native to our country India. They are also known as Desi or Indian cow Breeds. e.g. – red Sindhi, gir, etc.

2.Exotic breeds= that breeds of cow which is comes from foreign or other country. Eg= HF, jersey, etc.

Identification of indigenous or Indian cow

  • Indian cows have Large hump than exotic cow
  • Indian cows have Long horn than exotic cow
  • Dewlap= Indian cow develop a fold of loose skin hanging below neck. Dewlap provide high resistant capacity and makes desi cow & bull to sustain in any animals.
    God on our desi cow

Notes =According to our Hindu mythology, there are 33 cr. God and goddess present on our desi cow.

Importance or benefits of indigenous or Indian cow

  • Our Indian cow produce A2 milk.
  • A/c to scientific research, the element gold (Fe) is found in Indian cow’s milk- b/c of SURYA KETU NADI present on the back of cow.
  • Cow’s milk has many important elements such as ca, Fe, mg, etc.
  • 1g cow dung contains more than 300 -500 cr. Essential micro-organism which is important for soil fertility.
  • Cow urine is a boon for all types of infections and disease facing by human. Such as- cancer, aids etc.
  • Panchagavya (5 cow products) = milk, curd, ghee, urine, dung. These panchagavya is an Ayurvedic medicine, and this spreads the positivity in house.


Gir cow from gujarat

From neck to tail in back of cow

  • Harmful solar radiations reflect and absorb harmful radiation.
  • Scientist observes that = gold is found in desi cow.
  • 300 to 500 crore helpful bacteria found in desi cow milk and dung.

A1 and A2 milk

A1 & A2 milk are differentiated based on protein content in milk. A1 milk is obtaining from foreign breed of cow like jersey, HF, Guernsey, etc. while A2 milk is obtaining from Indian breed of cow like Gir,sahiwal, kankrej, etc.

A1 or A2 milk

A1 milk contains beta-casein which is also a cause of cancer disease but in A2 milk, there is no any cause of cancer-like danger disease.Only our desi cow gives A2 milk and other cow such as HF and Jersey gives A1 milk. Many Animals give A2 milk such as Buffalo, Goat And Indian Breed Cow etc. But Indian Breed Cow A2 milk is more healthier for you and your kids that other animal’s milk either that mailk is A1 or A2. Here below I told you what is the Basic principle behind the A1 and A2 milk.

Basic Principle of A1 and A2 milks-

HF produces A1 milk

Before 5000–10000 years ago genetic mutation occurs in animal which result in born of A1 milk. Before that only A2 milk was produce over the world. Protein is made of no. Of peptides, and peptides are made of amino acids. So, in A1 milk chain of amino acid there is histidine at 67 position of amino acid chain while in A2 milk there is proline. But histidine form loose bond with its adjacent amino acid that is 66 , so there is release of another half which is called beta casinomorphine(BCM). Now this BCM is not digested properly in our guts.

So the use of A1 milk may Cause the development of some dangerous diseases like autism, heart blockage, type 1 diabetes, and schizophrenia over a longer period of time.While there is no release of beta casinomorphine (BCM) in A2 milk as it form strong bond with its adjacent amino acid . And it is easy to digest.

By analyzing these reason, Scientist prefer to use A2 milk not A1 milk that is produce by our Indian Beed cow like Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi and so on.

Pasteurized Milk

Louis Pasteur

Pasteurized milk is a raw milk that has been heated to a specified temperature and time to kill all the pathogens that may be found in the raw milk. Pathogens are microorganism such as bacteria that make us sick and ill. Raw milk can contain pathogens such as Campylobacter, E. coli O157:H7, SalmonellaListeria and other bacteria and By Pasteurization Methods, all Harmful Bacteria and pathogens has been killed.

Basically, Pasteurization  is the process in which water and some foods materials such as milk and juice are treated with mild heat, usually to less than 100 °C , to eliminate the harmful pathogens that are present there and extend the shelf life of food materials. The process is proposed and used to destroy or deactivate organisms, enzymes and harmful pathogens that may cause the risk of disease.

Pasteurization is the process of filterization of milk and it was discovered by the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur. This process was first used in 1862. Louis Pasteur is known as “the father of microbiology.” He earned this esteemed title by doing much more than inventing the process of pasteurization. Pasteur’s lifetime of discoveries followed a natural arc; each project he worked on led him to his next insight.

Jersy cow : most frequent exotic cow in India


  • Bhusha = a/c to their health.
  • 5 anajo ka Dana: wheat / jawar / Bajra / Gram / corn – mix in 250g bhusha and serve them in one time.
  • 50g calcium per day = 1 kg chuna + 10 l water = mix them and serve = 50 ml per day.
  • Azolla grass / hydro phonic grass = 250 g morning and 250 g evening.
  • Musali + ashwagandha + tulsi + neem Patti = 50-100g mix in 1 time bhusha.
  • Maar + little rice.

There are approx 100 Indian cow Breeds found in India. But now only 37 breeds are left in India. Some breed’s name are following

Indian cow Breed
Sahiwal cow
  • GIR
    Indian cow Breed
    Haryana : an Indian cow

Question: Then why people keep foreign breed cow and not Indian cow?

The answer of this Question is simple. answer is Quantity of milk get from foreign breed is 15–20 litres/day while milk from Indian breed is 8–10 litres/day. So, it will be more economical to keep foreign breed rather than Indian breed. For Identify the breeds of Indian cow then click this link-


But Indian cow is best for any purpose than foreign breed Cow.

Kankrej: An Indian cow




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