Vegetable Production: Introduction, Definition in very Simple way

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Before Starting we state that- This Blog is very important for All the Agricultural Students. Because in this Blog we totally cover the topic about Introduction of vegetable Production. And In this Blog we try to say all about vegetable production in simple Language, hope this may help you.


In this Blog, we try to understand-

  • What is vegetable Production?
  • What comes under Vegetable production Topic?
  • Which things are sowing under Vegetable Production?
  • How they are sown and harvest?
  • When they are sown and harvest?
  • When and how we can sell those things in the market?
  • When their Price Rate is High and Low?


Introduction about Vegetable Production

Vegetable Production
Vegetable Production

From the word- Vegetable Production, we can understand that – we Produce vegetable, we grow and cultivate vegetables. Even those vegetables are cultivated in large field, in our home or in the roof of our house.  Now a day, there are many technologies are discovered- By those technologies, we can grow vegetables in Air, that farming system can be known as Aeroponic farming System.

One Important Question comes in our mind that- We sow vegetables but now what we are doing from that vegetables? And what is the use of sowing of vegetables.

So, here a word “Purpose” comes, means different-different Farmers sow vegetables for their different-different Purposes. Here we try to understand- what is the meaning of Purpose. Here Purpose indicates Aim, means different-different Farmers sow vegetables according to their different-different aims.

For example- Some Farmer’s aim is to sell their vegetables in Market. So they grow their vegetable in large field, means he produces vegetables for his Marketing Purpose. In this example, Purposes is Marketing.

Next example- Suppose any farmers produce vegetables only for their Family use.  So he grow vegetables only in small field or scale. Such as Backyard of their House.

As this way, different-different farmers grow their vegetables for different aims and Purposes. Such as- Marketing Purposes, Economic Purposes, Commercial Purposes, Family Purposes, Exporting Purpose and so on.

You are so surprising when you hear that Vegetables Production is not started from 200 to 400 years, It is started from eight to ten thousand years ago. But In Ancient Time, Vegetables are produced for only Family Purpose not any other Purpose. But Now a day….. Vegetables are not produced for only family Purpose but they also produce for some other purposes such as Marketing Purpose, economic Purpose and so on.


Vegetable Production is also known as Vegetable farming Vegetable Production

Vegetable Production is also known as vegetable farming because Vegetable Production means to Produce Vegetables. Without any cultivation and Farming, we cannot grow vegetables, means Vegetable Production and Vegetable farming both are equal and same, so vegetable production is also known as vegetable farming. Hope You understands vegetable Production easily.


Definitions of Vegetable-

Suppose we know all the information about vegetable Production but we don’t know 1% knowledge about vegetable- that what is vegetable?, then it is so shame for us. Let’s know about the original meaning of vegetable.

Friends, There are many definitions exist that define the vegetables. And there are so many confusion for that definition of vegetables.  Some definitions are given below; Let’s see one by one-

  • 1st definition- Vegetable means all that Plants and their Parts (such as- Stems, Leaves, Flowers, Fruits and Roots etc.) that are edible means that can be eaten.
  • 2nd definition- Vegetable can be defined as the edible Plants and their edible parts that can be eaten after cooked.
  • 3rd definition- Vegetables are also defined as that edible plants and their parts that can be eaten in both condition, Either raw or cooked.
  • 4th definition- Vegetables can be also defined as that all edible plants and their parts that can be eaten except – Seeds and Ripened ovary.



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