Water & Importance of Water : No any can exist without it ! & Better way to save Water

Our Earth consists of Three main Realms : that is, 

  1. Atmosphere,
  2. Lithosphere, and
  3. Hydrosphere.

Atmosphere are that region of Earth that only consists of gaseous molecules; Lithosphere are only consists of Solid Particles And Water and their constituents come under Hydrosphere. About one third volume of earth are covered by Water. In this Article we will know about the Importance of Water in Earth.


Basically Water exist at 3 State i.e., Solid, Liquid and Gases. These state of Water depends upon Temperature in which they Exist; For example- Water exist in Liquid State at the Temperature range of 0° C to 100 ° C. Below 0° C, water become Ice and Above 100° C, water become vaporized.

Earth is covered by ocean which contain 97.5 % of total Water. Fresh water are present 0.6 % of total water that supports our Life. Water is one of the most Precious natural material that are found in the Earth. Generally It is believed that the First life on the Earth began in the sea and water is essential for maintenance of all Life. Water is one of the key agent in Soil formation and maintain Ecosystem also.

Uses and Importance of Water-

Importance of Water in our Daily life
Bathing by Water
  • Used a Drinking, Bathing, Washing and other Daily work.
  • for agriculture, industry sector.
  • use of water in processing wood to make paper.
  • use in producing steel for automobiles.

Importance of Water in Human Body-

  • Our cells use water to perform their Function.
  • Water improves our Eyesight.
  • Drinking water helps us to excrete waste materials from our Body.

Water Resources & Importance of Water Resources


Basically Water Resources are the Source of Water by which water can be Produced. Such as Tube well, Well, Hand pump, Rain water, etc. We need to learn about Importance of Water then we save water from Pollution. Water Resource is categorized in 3 types-

  1. Ground Water = The water that support the growth of our Life are called, Ground Water. And more than 90 % of Fresh water is found under ground are called Ground Water. When rain falls, some water is lost as it runs under the earth and reaches in River and Sea but some gets lost because of evaporation. And the remaining water flow under the ground via Percolation process through the pores present between the soil Particles. And the Reached Water is referred as Ground Water.
  2. Surface Water = Surface water is that water that present above the Sea level whether that water is in Lake, Pond or River also. This type of Water are mostly lost due to some Process such as Evaporation and Transpiration, etc. Some Human Activities pollute surface water, for example – Open Sewage, Uses of Toxic Fertilizer and Chemical Fertilizer.
  3. Under River Flow

Importance of Water Resources-

  • It is important because it is needed for life to exist.
  • It is needed because water comes from it.

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Water in Irrigation & Importance of Water in Irrigation

Importance of Water in Irrigation

Water is a liquid material that is essential for our life. Chemically water is composed of Two chemical elements, that is Hydrogen and Oxygen. Simply the Irrigation meaning is – “The simple process in which we supply the required water to the field to fulfill the water requirement of the Crops.” Generally Irrigation meaning is the watering of land.

Advantages of Irrigation –

  • Irrigation improves the groundwater storage as water.
  • Irrigation Provide Moisture to Plants.
  • It may increase the Yield of Crops.
  • Irrigation water improves the water conditions in the soil.
  • It also enhance the Physical Properties of Soil.

Disadvantages of Irrigation

  • Excess water may destroy the Root of Plants.
  • Excess water in drains make infections.

Modes & Method Of Irrigation –

The modes of irrigation applied by farmers are described below-

  1. Surface Irrigation
  2. Sub surface Irrigation
  3. Sprinkler Irrigation
  4. Drip Irrigation

Sources of Irrigation (source of water for Irrigation) –

As we know that Irrigation meaning is the supply of Water. So we need a large source of water by which we can supply water to our field. so there are several sources of water for irrigation, such as- tube wells, wells, canals, ponds, lakes, dams,and most primary source is  Rain water.

Importance of Water in Irrigation = Without Water we can not do irrigation.

Soil Water

Soil Water is defined as the water holding capacity where a total amount of Water a soil can hold at field capacity. Generally Soil water is also known as Soil water Retention. Soil particles hold water because they have colloidal properties and aggregation Qualities. The surface of Water hold the Particles of Water. The Force that is responsible for retention of Water in the soil Particle’s Surface is Surface Moisture Tension. This is being after Drainage.

Surface Moisture tension refers to the energy Concept with moisture retention relationship. And the force by which water is held are called Suction. 

Some Forces by which water is retained or hold on the soil surface-

  • Cohesion or Adhesion Forces.
  • Surface tension force.
  • Polarity or Dipole character.

Factors that affect soil water-

(1). Soil Texture = More fine Soil texture have poor spaces and also the Surface area; And Retention of Water be high.

(2). Organic Matter = If any soil contains high organic manure, that soil contains more water retention. it means that soil contain more water (moisture).

(3). Density of Soil = If Density be High, the Soil water retention be also high.

(4). Soil structure = Well – aggregated soil structures have better Porosity which enhance water retention.

(5). Salt content = If Soil contains more Salt, then they contains less water.

(6). Depth of Soil = More is the depth of Soil; water retention capacity in Soil be increased.

(7). Types of Clay = When the soil have 2:1 type colloidal particle, more is the soil water retention.

Importance of water holding in soil-

  • Soil water is important in nutrient management.
  • Soil water maintains the moisture in the soil.
  • Soil water also helps to grow crops and plants.

Water Pollution

Water Pollution

Pollution means that occurs when a Product added to our Natural Environment adversely affects natural ability to  dispose it. Pollution refers to that Action which make dirty our Atmosphere, Air, Soil, Water and Wind – they all come under Atmosphere.

And Water Pollution means the undesirable change in Physical, Chemical and Biological properties of Water that adverse the aquatic life and affect the use of water. Pollution of Water is one of Dangerous issue in Present Day. Water Pollution may be categorized into three types-

  1. Surface Water Pollution
  2. Underground Water pollution
  3. Marine Water Pollution

Water Pollutant-

Generally Pollutant is the materials that may cause any type of pollution, And Water pollutants are the pollutants that cause Water Pollution. Basically Pollutants are known as Agent. Water Pollutants can be classified into Three types, i.e.,

  1. Physical Pollutant = Physical Pollutant includes heat and oil spills, thermal or Nuclear power plant, etc.
  2. Chemical Pollutant = Chemical Pollutant includes only toxic Chemicals and organic Waste such as DDT, BHC, Arsenic, Calcium or Magnesium compound.
  3. Biological Pollutant = It includes some harmful Pathogens such as Virus Bacteria, Protozoa and Fungi or nematode also.

Source of Water Pollutant-

water is polluted by many pollutants that is above discussed. And they come from the following Source-

(1). Sewage = Basically Sewage means Drains where all the toxic, harmful, and Bad things present here. So, approx 80 % of harmful virus or Bacteria born in this Sewage. and make water polluted.

(2). Fertilizers and Pesticides = As we know that 80 % Farmer mix harmful and highly toxic chemical Fertilizers and pesticides on their field. And that chemicals flow into River or sea via Irrigation or Rain Water, and Water become Polluted. And Soil become also Polluted by this.

(3). Synthetic Soaps = Soap contain long Chain of Salt of Sodium and Potassium that is Poisonous For water and Aquatic Animals; and Water also Polluted through this also.

(4). Industrial Waste = All Industry produces very harmful waste from their factories which cause Water pollution also.

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Save Water ; Save Life


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