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Arpan Priy Das

ABOUT ARPAN PRIY DAS Arpan is an Agricultural student, Book author and Farming Methods Consultant with good Knowledge.


About Author_

It is Arpan Priy Das from west champaran, Bihar. He had completed his primary and High school from Saraswati Vidya Mandir situated at Bettiah, West Champaran, bihar. And now, he is doing his bachelor degree with agriculture from “SRI DEV SUMAN UNIVERSITY, DEHRADUN, UTTRAKHAND”.

Owing to his passion for Agriculture and related farming, in may 2020, Arpan started his blog about agricultural information named as “ECOHILLAGRI.COM ” He started his blog ecohillagri.com to help many agricultural or other students as well as farmers.


Basically, agriculture is the business of Growing crops and raising the livestock. In today’s life, our farmers and agricultural students have not more knowledge and concept agriculture or farming techniques. so, they should have full concept of agriculture for their bright future in today life.

so, it is necessary for them to learn about agriculture that is useful for students as well as farmers and that all concepts are present in this blog.


Arpan thinks that the concepts present in his blog will really helpful for farmer’s and student’s Bright future. However, any suggestion and any kind of Queries for the improvements of the concepts present in this blog are always welcomed.

Arpan started his career at the age of 17 as an Author. he wrote some book series which is helpful for students and farmers. such as- BASIC TECHNIQUES OF FARMING and AGRICULTURAL EXPORTS AND IMPORTS.


For more knowledge about agriculture and related facts, Arpan shared his Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/ecohill.agri.7