B.Sc. Agriculture Model Question Paper for 3rd Semester

Read carefully this and try to answer these questions because all these questions are important for all types of Agriculture Based examination.

Q. Explain about water relations of Soil.

Q. Describe about soil water relationship.

Q. How soil particles hold or retain water molecules?

Q. Why Gravitational water drain off?

Q. Why Gravitational water fall down?

Q. Why Hygroscopic water is not rarely available for Plants use?

Q. Why Hygroscopic water can not be removed easily from the soil Particles?

Q. What is the relation between moisture present in soil and applied force to extract or remove water from soil?

Q. Establish the relation between soil moisture tension and Moisture.

Q. The infiltration rate decreases during irrigation, why ?

Q. The water that is absorbed by soil is depend upon …………………………

Q. Name the instrument by which we can measure Leaching or Percolation.

Q. what is the unit of Soil moisture tension?

Q. What is Basic difference between Infiltration rate and Infiltration Velocity?

Q. What is Basic Infiltration Rate?

Q. what is matric suction and matric suction gradient?

Q. Why Infiltration Rate decreases with Time?

Q. Evaluate the following sentence-

  • The Rate of decrease is Rapid initially and the infiltration Rate tends to approach a constant value.

Q. Describe all that factors which affect the infiltration Rate.

Q. Addition of Organic matter increases the Infiltration Rate, why?

Q. How Soil moisture content affects Infiltration Rate?

Q. what is the relation between Soil moisture content and Infiltration Rate?

Q. what is the relation between Soil moisture content and Total infiltration amount?

Q. How soil Permeability affect Infiltration Rate?

Q. Evaluate this sentence-

  • The high rate of infiltration in the Tropic under otherwise comparable soil conditions is due to low viscosity of warm water.

Q. How vegetative cover or vegetal cover affect Infiltration Rate?

Q. How soil textures affect Infiltration Rate?

Q. What is viscosity of water? And how they affect infiltration rate?

Q. How soil porosity effect infiltration rate of water?

Q. Mr. Shyam, a soil scientist want to measure the moisture content in the soil of his field. He collected some soil sample from his field, he dried that sample and weighted 10 gram. After dry that sample, He calculated the moisture content in his field that is 30%. What was the weight of Old soil?

Q. If the moisture percentage of a black soil is 40, and when weight of Black soil is recorded with moisture is 10 gram. Then what is the weight of Black soil sample after null moisture is remaining?

Q. Write the full form of following Abbreviation:–

  • TGA
  • NIWR

Q. What is the other name of thermogravemetric method?

Q. How we can measure soil moisture content?

Q. Write the formula of soil moisture content on weight basis.

Q. Write the formula of soil moisture content on volume basis.

Q. Define the Bulk density of soil and also write the formula.

Q. Write the unit of Bulk density of soil.

Q. How we can relate the Bulk density of soil with soil moisture content?

Q. Write all the losses in crop water requirement.

Q. Write those factors that affect crop water requirement.

Q. What is the basic difference between Irrigation requirement, net irrigation requirement and gross irrigation requirement?

Q. Establish the relation between rainfall and Irrigation requirement.

Q. Write those factors that affect Irrigation requirement.

Q. Write the difference between irrigation requirement and crop water requirement.

Q. Write the formula of NIWR.

Q. Why we calculate gross and net irrigation requirement?

Q. Define the following–

  • Design frequency
  • Irrigation frequency
  • Evapo transpiration
  • Potential evapo transpiration
  • Effective rainfall

Q. What is the difference between AET or PET?

Q. Soyabean is full of protein, soyabean contains large amount of Protein than Pulses, but soyabean is not belongs to Pulse group, why?

Q. Is any losses of water occurs during irrigation with the help of Drip system?

Q. Write ten latest varieties of Rice.

Q. Which state is leading in discover of rice variety now?

Q. Is there any new variety of rice is discovered in 2020?

Q. Write the full form of APEDA. what do you mean by APEDA? Write the function of APEDA.

Q. State the estimated rice production in india at 2020.

Q. What is nutri cereals?

Q. How much rainfall is occured in 2020.

Q. Write the example of non food grains.

Q. 2020 me kis monsoon month me sbse jyada rainfall hui hai?

Q. 2020 me kis monsoon month me sbse kam rainfall hui hai?

Q. What do you mean by LPA? Write the full form of LPA.

Q. according to agriculture minister, In 2020. farmer have sown kharif crops in how much land?

Q. Define the following-

Q. Write the full form of SVRC

Q. headquarter of CVRC is situated at ……………

Q. Current chairman of CVRC.

Q. full form of NOFRI.

Q. How much variety is released by SVRC, sikkim in 2019-20?

Q. Name that variety which is released or developed by SVRC sikkim in 2019-20.

Q. Current President of ICAR.

Q. Full form of NRRI.

Q. Which variety of rice is developed currently that is specially recommended for water limiting area?

Q. Write the differences between CR Dhan 801 and CR Dhan 802.

Q. Composition of Loam soil is ………% of sand, ………..% of silt and ……….% of clayey soil.

Q. Write the particles size of following Soil types-

  • Sandy soil=
  • Loam soil=
  • Clayey soil =
  • Silt soil=

Q. In 2020. How many state receive normal rainfall?

Q. In 2020. How many state receive excess rainfall?

Q. In 2020. How many receive deficient rainfall?

Q. Rice is a ………………… Crop. (monocot / dicot)

Q. Rice easily grow in ……………….. area. (tropical / sub tropical).

Q. Rice is a ……………….. Crop. (annual/bineal/perenial)

Q. How we can cultivate Rice crop in hilly or mountain area?

Q. Write the full form of CVRC

Q. What is contact exchange?

Q. What soil factors influence diffusion of nutrients to roots?

Q. What is diffusion?

Q. Why is anion adsorption little important in agricultural soils?

Q. What is the mechanism of active absorption of iron by roots?




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