factors affecting vegetables growth, Part 2

Hello Friends, Welcome again to our Agricultural Blog “ecohillagri.com”. In this Blog we try to understand the rest factor that affects the vegetables growth and production. If you don’t read our first blog that is also related to factors affecting vegetables growth then click this following Link-


In Part 1 Blog, I tell about 10 factors that affect vegetables growth and Production. That are-

  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Nutrients
  • Oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Minerals
  • Soil reaction or Soil pH
  • Diseases and Insects
  • Soil fertility

In our first Blog, we elaborate only first four factors that is Light, Temperature, Moisture and Nutrients. And In this Blog we try to learn about rest factors.

Oxygen as a Factor that affect vegetables growth-

Factors affecting vegetables growth
Oxygen as a factor

The next Factor that affect the vegetables growth and Production is O2 means Oxygen. If one Question is asked from you that why we use Oxygen? Obviously all have same answer that we take Oxygen for Breathing and for Respiration Process.

Without Food, Water and Nutrients we can alive some Days But without Respiration Process we can’t alive for one second. This all you know. In this world, Approx all living even they are Human or Plants or other animals, they all need Respiration Process. Without Respiration Process anyone can’t alive. So, Oxygen is also important for Plants and Vegetables like us.

If You think that Plants can alive only because of their Photosynthesis Process. Then you are wrong Because other process are also important like Photosynthesis Process such as- Respiration Process, transpiration Process, etc. Plants take Oxygen mainly with their Roots.

First reason of taking Oxygen is for Respiration Process, Plants and other vegetable crops take Oxygen. And there is another reason that Plants and vegetables take oxygen. If we study about Plants at molecular level. We find that why Plants take oxygen and what is the other reason?

I tell you that without Oxygen plants and any type of vegetables can’t take or consume essential nutrients for their vegetables growth. Essential nutrients such as Nitrogen, Magnesium, Phosphorus, etc.

NOTE- Aeroponic Farming system is based on this Principle. Aeroponic Farming system means all the crops are cultivated and grow only in the presence of air or Oxygen. Now we come on main point that How and why Oxygen affects vegetables growth and Production?

  1. when we increase the oxygen level then respiration rate of plants be increased, and plants alive at long time.
  2. when we increase the oxygen level, then nutrients absorption in root zone of Plants may Increase. Means Plants consume more and more nutrients such as Nitrogen, Magnesium, Potassium, etc. It may increase the vegetables growth and Production. It also increase the Vegetables Yield.


Carbon dioxide as a Factor that affect vegetables growth-

Next factor is CO2 means Carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is also an important Factor that also affect all the vegetables growth and Production like other factors. Carbon dioxide affects vegetables growth in two ways.

  1. First way – If we may increase the Carbon dioxide level around the vegetables then Photosynthesis Rate is also increase means Photosynthesis Process work fast. So, vegetables and other types of crops grow in Proper way and Yield of vegetable also increases.
  2. Second way is – When we increase the Carbon dioxide level around the vegetables, It may decrease the Transpiration Rate of vegetables.

Transpiration means the removal of water concentration from the plants and its part. And Transpiration Rate increase means more water removes from the Parts of Plants. Transpiration Rate decrease means less water removes from the Parts of Plants.


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