Horticulture Model paper 1


1. Fill Up the blanks-

(a). Fat soluble Yellow Pigments Present in plants is ______ .

(b). _______ gave the concept of Demonstration.

(c). Agriculture extension worker acts as _______.

(d). 4:2:1 is an ideal ratio of NPK for _______ .


2. State whether the following statements are True or false-

(a). Tillage Operation will Increase Bulk Density. (T/F)

(b). Nucleus seeds have highest genetic purity. (T/F)

(c). Plant propagation refers to the multiplication of an individual plant or group of plant. (T/F)

(d). Seedling trees generally live longer than vegetatively propagated trees.

(e). Seedling trees take less time to come to bearing than grafted plants.

(f). Heavy rains may increase the pollinator activity.


3. Define the following-

(a). Contour System.

(b). Landscape gardening.

(c). High density Orcharding.


SECTION-B (Short Answer type question)

Note- Attempt any Five Questions, Each contains 2 marks.


1. What is Horticulture? Describe all the Branches of Horticulture.

2. What are the advantages of growing horticultural crops?

3. Describe the types of Soil that is required for the growing of Horticultural Crops?

4. Draw the Layout of Nursery of Rose and Labeled it.

5. Explain the climatic condition s for Horticultural crops.

6, Describe the Environmental Factors that affects the Horticultural crops.

7. Write the Advantages and disadvantages of High Density Orcharding.


SECTION-C (Long Answer type question)

Note- Attempt any Three Questions, Each contains 5 marks.


1. What is Planting System? Explain all the planting Systems for Growing Fruit crops.

2. Define Vegetable Gardening and Briefly Describe the types of Vegetable Gardening.

3. Write the Botanical Classification of 10 Fruits and 10 Vegetables.

4. Describe all the Horticultural Zones in India.

5. What is the Orchard Establishment? Describe its Principle and Sites.


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