ICAR model Question Paper 1: Agriculture

1. Nitrogen is taken by the Plants in the form of-

(a) chloride               (b) oxide

(c) nitrate                  (d) nitric acid

2. The Seed Rate for Potato is-

(a) 10-15 q/ha           (b) 10-17 q/ha

(c) 5-10 q/ha             (d) 20-25 q/ha

3. Cotton required a daily minimum temperature for germination is –

(a) 20 degree Celsius     (b) 17 degree Celsius

(c) 16 degree Celsius      (d) 30 degree Celsius

4. The Maize protein is called as-

(a) Gluten                   (b) Zein

(c) Both a and b         (d) None of these

5. Salt resistant variety of Barley is –

(a) Raj Kiran                  (b) Bilara-2

(c) Kharchia mutant     (d) None of these

6. Consider the following physiological stages of wheat-

1. CRI              2. seedling

3. tillering      4. ear emergence

The correct sequence of the above physiological stages is-

(a) 2,3,1,4        (b) 2,1,3,4

(c) 2,3,4,1         (d) 1,2,3,4

7. Fluchloralin is used as-

(a) Past Plant             (b) Pre-Plant

(c) pre-emergence    (d) after 60 days

8. Adsali Sugarcane crop is sown in-

(a) March               (b) April

(c) June                  (d) July

9. Cabbage is a _____ season crops.

(a) cool                  (b) Summer

(c) Spring             (d) Rainy

10. KUNWARI is a variety of-

(a) Cabbage           (b) Khol-Khol

(c) Cauliflower       (d) Lady finger

11. Diamond back moth is the serious Pest of-

(a) Pea                    (b) Tomato

(c) Cauliflower      (d) Bottle Gourd

12. Earthing of Potato is-

(a) 40 DAS              (b) 48 DAS

(c) 50 DAS              (d) 60 DAS

13. Early blight of tomato is caused by-

(a) fungus                 (b) bacteria

(c) Virus                   (d) Protozoan

14. The Pungency in Radish is due to-

(a) capsanthin             (b) sulphur

(c) isothiocynates       (d) None of these

15. Bottle Guard is originated in –

(a) Africa                    (b) America

(c) India                     (d) China

16. Edible Portion of Artichok is ___

(a) Root                  (b) Fruit

(c) Bud                    (d) None of these

17. Origin of eggplant is

(a) India                       (b) Africa

(c) America                 (d) China

18. Corona Radiata is a layer of ellongated Follicular cells formed by

(a) Primary oocyte        (b) ooginal cell

(c) egg mother cell          (d) Polar Bodies

19. In Mammals, the Yolk sac is

(a) rudimentary               (b) absent

(c) well developed            (d) None of these

20. Sperm lysin are enzymes that

(a) help in passage of sperm into fallopian tube

(b) help the sperm to reach the surface of ovum

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d)None of these

21. Functions of Fertilization is

(a) to active the ovum

(b) To stimulate segmentation

(c) to restore the number of chromosome

(d) All of the above

22. The genome of prokaryotes is called a

(a) Chromosome                 (b) centromere

(c) Nucleoid                          (d) Ribosome

23. The minimum no. of Linkage groups in Man

(a) 23                         (b) 22

(c) 16                          (d) 225

24. Chiasma was first discovered by

(a) Janssens              (b) Morgan

(c) Haldane               (d) Bateson and Punnet

25. Profit is maximized when

(a) MC= MR              (b) MC < MR

(C) MC > MR             (D) None of these

26. Sustainable Agriculture can be achieved by

(a) more resources           (b) more Subsidies

(c) More technological support

(d) Better Prices of Produce.

27. Price Elasticity of supply of Food Products is Generally

(a) Infinite                   (b) Zero

(c) more than One        (d) Less than One

28. Downy mildew Fungi are

(a) Only Seed Borne

(b) Only soil Borne

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

29. Mycology is the study of

(a) Bacteria               (b) Algae

(c) Virus                     (d) Fungi

30. Agar-agar is Produced by

(a) Nostoc                       (b) Gelidium

(c) Macrocystis               (d) Oscillatoria



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