ICAR model Question Paper 2: Agriculture

(1). Gossypium hirsutum is a group of cotton commonly Known as-

(a) Desi cotton                (b) American cotton

(c) Sea island cotton      (d) None of these


(2). Cotton generally required Temperature for vegetative growth-

(a) 21-27° c                     (b) 15-20° c

(c) 10-12° c                      (d) 30-32° c


(3). Which of the following first commercial Hybrid cotton of the world?

(a) Hybrid-4                   (b) Hybrid-6

(c) sujata                         (d) DCH-32


(4). Rice Production is highest in areas having-

  1. High Rainfall.
  2. Canal irrigated Lands.
  3. bright sunny days during and after anthesis.

Choose the correct combination using the codes given below-

(a) 1,2, and 3                     (b) 2 and 3

(c) 1 and 2                          (d) 1 and 3


(5). Which one of the following terms is used to denote the relatives land area under sole crop required to produce the same yield as obtained under a mixed or an inter cropping system at the same management ?

(a) Land Equivalent ratio

(b) Land utilization Index

(c) Cropping Intensity

(d) Relay Cropping


(6). 2, 4-D is a-

(a) Carbamate

(b) Symmetrical triazine.

(c) Phenoxy alkanoic acid

(d) Substituted area


(7). The Rotational Intensity of maize-potato-Barley-Green gram crop rotation is-

(a) 300%         (b) 400%

(c) 500%          (d) 150%


(8). Where adequate irrigation water is available four to six irrigation are applied to wheat crop. At which of the following stages of growth is the first irrigation Re commanded ?

(a) CRI Stage

(b) Tillering stage

(c) Critical stage of Growth

(d) Flowering Stage


(9). Photolytic seed is found in-

(a) Tomato               (b) Tobacco

(c) Potato                 (d) Groundnut


(10). Sugarcane crop is a-

(a) Short day plant

(b) Long Day Plant

(c) Day neutral Plants

(d) Intermediate Plant


(11). The most common cucurbit grown glass house is-

(a) cucumber           (b) Bottle gourd

(c) watermelon         (d) Tinda


(12). September is a variety of –

(a) Cabbage                 (b) Knol-khol

(c) Pea                          (d) Bottle gourd


(13). Floating Garden is generally found in-

(a) Bengaluru          (b) Kashmir

(c) Delhi                   (d) Pune


(14). Kufri Badshah variety of Potato is resistant to-

(a) Early Blight             (b) Late Blight

(c) Viral Disease            (d) Wart disease


(15). Tuber Production in Potatoes is maximum at a Temperature of-

(a) 10° c                        (b) 12° c

(c) 15° c                         (d) 20° c


(16). The Nitrogen-fixation from air through symbiosis is brought about by the bacteria-

(a) Rhizobium Japonicum

(b) Rhizobium meliloti

(c) Rhizobium leguminosarum

(d) Rhizobium Species


(17). which of the following radish variety is tropical type ?

(a) Pusa chetki             (b) white Icicle

(c) Scarlet Globe          (d) None of these


(18). Spinach beet belongs to the botanical variety-

(a) B. Vulgaris var. bengalensis

(b) B. Vulgaris var. cicla\

(c)  B. Vulgaris var. maritima

(d) None of these


(19). Which of the following fruit shows metaxenia ?

(a) Peach                       (b) Date

(c) Pear                         (d) Apple


(20). Banana is commercially Propagated by

(a) crown                       (b) sword suckers

(c) budding                    (d) Water suckers


(21). Dashehari Alphonso are Parents of

(a) Arka Aruna              (b) Mallika

(c) Amarpali                   (d) Sindhu


(22). As Intensity of Light increases-

(a) the Rate of Transpiration increases

(b) the Rate of Photosynthesis increases

(c) the Rate of absorption of water increases

(d) All of the above


(23). Abscisic Acid is called Stress hormones because-

(a) It Prevents excessive loss of water

(b) it causes water stress when the intensity of Light increases

(c) it causes leaf fall under water stress

(d) None of the above


(24). Okazaki fragments are-

(a) Segments of DNA capable of replication

(b) Segments of a chain of nucleotides formed during replication of DNA

(c) Segments of DNA which undergo recombination

(d) Segments of chain of nucleotides formed during transcription


(25). Discontinuous synthesis of DNA takes place during replication because

(a) DNA molecule unwinds gradually forming replication forks

(b) DNA polymerase can polymerise the nucleotides in one direction only

(c) Hydrogen bonds hold the two strands together

(d) helicases and topoisomerases can act only on one side of the molecules


(26). Complementary gene produces phenotypic ratio

(a) 9:7                   (b) 13:3

(c) 15:1                 (d) 9:3:3:1


(27). The term Self-incompatibility was coined by-

(a) Stout                   (b) Shull

(c) Court                   (d) East


(28). Fitness is also referred to as-

(a) selective value

(b) selective advantage

(c) adaptive value

(d) All of the above


(29). The “Indian Farming” is published from-

(a) ICAR    (b) IARI    (c) CAZRI   (d) ICRISAT


(30). Do the T.C and the V.C  increase with increase in the output-

(a) never                 (b) Yes

(c) Partially            (d) With decrease in output

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