Irrigation Management Model Paper Question Part 1

Section – A

1. Fill up the Blanks-

  1. The water that is absorbed by soil is depend upon ……………. .
  2. Darcy’s Law is applicable for ……………. .
  3. Water is held in the soil with the help of ………….. and ……………. .
  4. Formula of NIWR is ……………… .

2. Evaluate the statement is True or False-

  1. Drip Irrigation is a type of macro Irrigation.
  2. The season of summer rainfall is from June to September.
  3. India has even distribution of rainfall.

3. Write short notes on Following-

  1. Design Frequency
  2. TGA
  3. Darcy’s Law

Section – B

  1. Is there any losses occur during Irrigation through Drip Irrigation?
  2. Write the differences of AET and PET.
  3. Write those factors that affect Irrigation water requirement.
  4. What is the difference between crop water requirement and Irrigation water requirement?
  5. Write the all losses in crop water requirement.
  6. How we can measure soil moisture content?
  7. If the moisture percentage of a Black soil is 50, And when weight of Black soil recorded with moisture is 10 gram. Then state the weight of Black soil sample after null moisture is remaining?


Section – C

  1. Explain Irrigation. Describe the merit and demerit of Irrigation. Why Irrigation is necessary?
  2. What do you mean by Scheduling of Irrigation? Enlist all the different approaches of Scheduling Irrigation and describe any three.
  3. Define Irrigation and Drainage system. And also describe their types.
  4. Why hygroscopic water cannot be removed easily from soil Particles?
  5. Describe about Soil water relationship.



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