Soil Science Model Paper 1



1. Fill Up the blanks-

(a). ________ is the study of soils in relation to Crop growth.

(b). Natural soil Aggregates or Mass are known as ______ .

(c). The Rocks that gets broken in Pieces due to temperature is called as _______ .

(d). A+B+C Horizon together called as _______ .


2. State whether the following statements are True or false-

(a). Chlorite is the example of 2:1 type silicate clay minerals. (T/F)

(b). Kaolinite is the most dominant minerals on the earth crust. (T/F)

(c). Bulk Density of Normal Soil is 1-1.6 g/cc. (T/F)

(d). The Best Agricultural soil structure is spherodial. (T/F)

(e). The Best Agricultural Soil texture is Silt. (T/F)

(f). According to IISS, the particle size of coarse sand is 2-0.2 mm. (T/F)


3. Define the following-

(a). Adhesion.

(b). Exfoliation.

(c). Gleization.


SECTION-B (Short Answer type question)

Note- Attempt any Five Questions, Each contains 2 marks.


1. Is soil a renewable resource? Describe.

2. Describe all the Chemical Processes occurs in weathering with chemical reaction.

3. How Man and Animals are responsible for Biological weathering?

4. What are the Active and passive factors that affects the soil formation Process?

5. Describe about soil profile and also describe that elements that are found in different horizon.

6. Explain the soil Texture Size according to (a) USDA, (b) BSI, (c) ISSS and (d) European system.

7. What are the ways by which water is retained in the soil.


SECTION-C (Long Answer type question)

Note- Attempt any Three Questions, Each contains 5 marks.


1. What is the soil formation process? and describe all the Fundamental Soil forming Processes.

2. Describe Stoke’s law and also Explain the Assumptions and Limitations of Stokes’ Law.

3.  Explain about Texture Triangle and also explain its Importance.

4. What is Soil colloid? Describe about the four types of soil colloids. How can we know that silicate clay contains Negative charge?

5. What is Sesquioxide Clays and How it is formed?


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