Theodore de Saussure


Theoder De Saussure 1767-1845

Nicolas- Theodore de Saussure was the full name of Theodore de Saussure. He Born on octuber 14, 1767 at Geneva and Died on April 18, 1845 at Geneva.

He was a Swiss chemist and Plant Physiologist who recognized and do the experiments on influence of Water, air and nutrients on Plants for Plant Biochemistry.


His Works and Experiments

  • In 1797, He Published three articles on Carbonic Acid and its formation in Plants tissues in “ANNALES DE CHIMIE” which means annals of chemistry.
  • Theodore de Saussure Proved steven Hales’s theory that plants absorb Water and Carbon di-oxide in Sunlight and increase in weight and grow in proper way.
  • In 1808, Theodore de Saussurealso publisheda series of an artices that analyzed bio-chemical reactions in Plant cell.
  • Further Theodore de Saussure Proved that plant depends upon the absorption of Nitrogen from Soil.

by His excellence works and his experiments; Theodore de Saussure received numerous Awards.

Experiments on Plants

Theodore de Saussure studied about Gases and nutrients uptake in Plants, using the scientific methods of controlled experimentation by enclosing Plants in Glass containers and weighing the Plants and enclosed carbon di-oxide before and after, as this way Theodore de Saussure Proved that Plants absorb carbon di-oxide during Photosynthesis. This showed that Carbon in Plants come from atmosphere.



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