VAL HELMONT born= Jan. 12, 1580 Died = Dec. 30, 1644

Jan Baptista Van Helmont was his full name. He Born on January 12, 1580 at Belgium and died on December 30, 1644 at netherland at the age of 64.

He was a Famous Swiss Physician, Philosopher and also a chemist. He analyzed the existence of Discrete Gases and identified Carbon di-oxide.

He mainly studied about three subjects (Topic) i.e.

  1. Gas
  2. Digestion
  3. Carbon di-oxide

He worked in the field of = chemistry, physiology and medicines.

His major experiments

He accepted the ideas of Spontaneous Generation, Transmutation of metals and Existence of Medical panacea.

Van Helmont was a man of his age because of some reason-
  • He was the first person who rejected the ideas of four elements of ARISTOTLE that is Earth, Air, water and Fire.
  • He also rejected the three principles of PARACELSUS that is Saly, Mercury and Sulphur.
  • He proved and state that Only two True elements exist that is Air and Water.
  • In another experiments, He demonstrated that contrary to beliefs of many alchemists, a metal was not destroyed by dissolving it in acids.

His experiments about soil

Jan Baptista Van Helmont also proved that Plants do not eat soil for their Growth.

His experiments-
willow tree
  • Jan Baptista Van Helmont weighed a willow before planting it in a known weight of dried soil. Five Years Later, he re-weighed the tree, dried the soil and re-weighed that too. The willow had increased in mass, but the soil had not decreased.
  • He might have thought that the soil had replenished in some mysterious way, but Jan Baptista Van Helmont actually concluded that the increase the weight “arose out of water only”


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