Weeds Management model paper 1


1.The effective control of morphological similar Phalaris minor in wheat is achived by ____

2. Besides providing N Azolla is used for weed control in ________

3. Phalaris minor has developed resistance to isoproturon in …………. and …….. in ………….  crop.
4. Test weight of phalaris minor is 2g (T/ F)

5. Paraquat are the non selective contact herbicides (T/F) 6.Latest herbicide Family are Sulfonyl urea (T/ F)

7. Phalaris minor was developed in Punjab. ( T/ F)

8.Seed production of weeds.

9.Seed disimination.
10.Seed germination of weeds.



11. Classify weeds on the basis of life cycle. Also give their example.

12. State any two way used for classifying weeds according to human values?

13.Difference between weeds and crops.

14.Classify weeds on the basis of botanical or morphological characters?

15.What do you mean by weed? Explain the Harmful effect of weeds.

16. Write the losses due to weeds



18.What is the cultural method of weed control? Explain, how it is useful for oil seeds crops?

19. Define weeds according to jethro tull?

20.Enlist any five rabi and kharif weeds (Each)

21. Define weeds according to their their life cycle ?


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